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CUTE CONTEST (art, points, breeding slots prizes!)***EXTENDED*** I hope I get some more entries!
So I created these two adorable cuties recently and really want more art of them so I'm opening up a contest!
:bulletpink: Raspberry Tea the Border Collie X Shetland Sheepdog

:bulletblue: PJ the White German Shepherd Mix

They are a couple
cute stuff is highly encouraged! 
Tea nearly always wears her scarf 
Tea is a couple inches shorter than PJ
PJ almost always wears pajamas and they are almost always striped.  He will wear color coordinated stripes on holidays (pink - Valentines day, pastels - easter, green - st. patricks day, red white and blue - 4th of july, black purple green or orange - halloween, brown - thanksgiving - red white and green - Christmas)
PJ is narcoleptic; although he can sense when he is about to fall asleep and can us
Tokota Design Help?Hello there, nuggets. I tried designing my handsome new tokota boy, but I'm not sure it's exactly what I I'll give you guys a chance! 
Here's my design for him:  I think it's mostly the bearmarks I'm not sure about...
Here are designs that I like if that helps:
I'll give you 80 :points: or a baby!cm if I like your design :3 Here's what those look like:
Here's his info:
2 Male, natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Graying marked brown with pangare, bearmarks and accents

Money Commissions ALWAYS OPEN***I will take the POINTS EQUIVALENT paid via the commission widget!***
Please note many of the traditional examples are VERY outdated. Some of the digital as well. Keep in mind I have improved quite a bit since then

My money commissions are ALWAYS open. All money made will be going towards pet supplies and taxidermy :)

I will NOT do:
NSFW MALE anthros (females are fine), things entirely or almost entirely covered with feathers, things entirely or almost entirely covered with scales, humans (unless it's for a horse/tokota piece or a traditional female bust), gorey things (will do bloody, but won't do guts), MLP

Not taking art trades unless stated.

P A Y M E N T:
Paypal accepted and preferred, snail mail at own risk. I will also take concealed cash, personal checks, money orders, and credit card via Etsy.
I MAY accept fur/bone/taxidermy things in trade for art :) (Smile)
Point Commissions OPENFor the summer, 3 slots non-design slots will be open at a time; I will put additional commissions on a waitlist and will contact you when I am free to take them again.
There are unlimited design slots :)
1. :iconbellatorlupus:
2. :iconqanikk:
I am also open for art trades (must have similar experience level; if you're mainly a human artist I will still accept your trade) and collabs (I love to shade; I do not mind sketching or lining, and I do not really like to color or do backgrounds) NOTE ME if you're interested in those :)

I MAY accept fur/bone/taxidermy/Schleich things in trade for art :) (Smile)
You can always check the progress of your commission/trade/etc by going here: 
I will NOT do:
NSFW MALE anthros (females are fine), things entirely or almost entirely covered with feathers, things entirely or almost e

Taxidermy Inventory/Sales/Tips
Taxidermy Inventory SALE *NEW ITEMS***UPDATED with new purchases and future (and current) things for sale!
If you'd like to purchase something, please note me for details! I can almost always get additional pictures! Remember DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT RED BULLETED ITEMS UNLESS THERE IS A PRICE LISTED NEXT TO IT. Thank you :)
:bulletred: Personal collection, likely never for sale
:bulletpurple: On the fence. If you want it, make an offer I can't refuse.
:bulletblue: Everything else has it's price. Make an offer, I'll probably accept trades for mountable pelts/mounts or forms/supplies.
Rigid Mounts:
:bulletblue: Kithic the Coyote  $400 plus shipping or trades
:bulletblue: Mira the Whitetail Fawn (trades only, has legal papers)
:bulletred: Steve and Tiger the Yellow Perch
:bulletblue: Kino the Arctic Marble (Full Lifesize mount with base (going down wall mount), going to be done by :iconnakomii
Taxidermy Related TipsSo some people have noted me in my time here about tips for things taxi-related, so I typed this sucker out and have been sending it to them. Thought it might be a good idea to just post it XD If anyone has anything to add, feel free to add it! I'm only experienced with skinning, really, so I can't answer tanned/mounting questions. 
make sure it's legal
because I don't know about there, but around here it's highly illegal to even breathe around deer without permits and stuff. My laws state I need DNR permission and a permit to take up deer roadkill, they closely monitor how many die and where, so they get really pissy if you mess with anything deer related, and aren't afraid to heavily fine you. So check your laws about the animals you want to mes with.
Deer are usually riddled with all sorts of fun things like ticks and fleas, so if you do take something, put it in the freezer for a week to freeze and kill those buggers.
Pertaining to those buggers

Character Sales
(Mostly) Free Character Blowout!Ongoing journal of characters for sale. Draw the character I choose to adopt (first come, first serve, no linearts) unless stated otherwise :)
You can make minor changes to design and major to name and personality (unless they're stable horses).
Recovering hoarder haha
See Popular breeds here:  (Nordanners/Faimes/Tokotas/Shedus/Nevada Warmbloods)
:bulletblue: FFS Classy's Chocolate Breeze
:bulletpink: I Still Hear The Flames (Daughter of Crowning Battle)
:bulletblue: FFS Tyrant
:bulletpink: FFS Jewel of the Tribe
:bulletblue: FFS A Flash Of Hype
:bulletblue: FFS Dance or Die
:bulletblue: TS Like a Lightning Bolt
:bulletblue: DWS Call Me A Cab :bulletblue: DWS Call Me A Cab SOLD by galianogangster
:bulletblue: CS Matek� [Bullet; Blue] TS Mateke by galianogangster Do I Win for Being the Cutest .halter entry. by galianogangster :thumb2
Nord and Shedu SALEI just want to cut down and focus on a smaller herd, I really don't want to sell these guys but they'll never get the attention.
I will not under any circumstances take a character back that you've purchased due to inactivity. You do whatever you want when you pay for it. Change the breed, make it an OC, I don't care.
Here are all the characters (stable horses, kennel dogs, adoptables, etc) I have for sale that are for the most part free: 
Slots available for purchase on the for sale creatures
Don't be afraid to make an offer!
:bulletpink: 8339 Tormandy "Mandy :bulletpink:
Geno: ee AtA nR nP nRb nPwl 
Price: 2,000 OBO
:bulletpink: 8544 Belgian Waffle :bulletpink:

Geno: ee Aa nD nf PP 
Price: 1,500 OBO
Shorter lines, DOM PANGARE

Tokotas For Sale (browns and merle)Selling these cuties; I will design them for free if you would like me to :) YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE DESIGNS FOR THE GENOS.
Offer USD, points, TT, HP, or Breeding Slots (to half-manes, blacks, browns, or mane/build/color mutations)

I will not accept all TT or all HP offers.
--------------AVAILABLE TOKOS------------------

Marked collared brown with accents
Dom brown; AoAs being commissioned for a slot to him; no other slots taken
44 HP; maybe more coming 
ON HOLD for :iconwolfbite89: for 30 HP

Mako 1612 x Miko 1222
1 Male, half mane
Submissive - Healthy
Graying marked tawny with blanket and accents
third generation half mane Design can be changed
Price: 1,500 :points: or $15 ON HOLD
Vatu 1502 x Xenia 1484

Updates and To Do Lists
Pets, Parties, and Pressure4-13-15
Woo! College life is so busy busy busy! So much has happened since I updated you guys last! 
PETS: Firstly, I forgot to tell you all in the last update, but beautiful miss Chickadee passed away due to a hernia.  She was so so happy and prancing down the aisle with her tail just a-waggin and licking Naya's face all over the night before, so I'm glad she went happy and that we could give her those few extra months of retirement :nod: Next, we also lost our English Lop, Jar Jar, from an unknown and very strange illness; his skin was like coming apart from his face and he had something wrong neurologically and he wasn't putting on any weight despite eating a was very peculiar, but I am glad he is not suffering anymore. I was going to have mom put him down anyway.  We also lost the lionhead we took in to wry neck; we all knew he wasn't going to make it either.  In better news, Angel and I successfully rehomed a TON of rabbits since my last update! Binx,
To Do ListThese are in order or importance, and I'm constantly updating them, do come check in if you're wondering about your commission/trade/etc :) If you need to have it done by a certain time, I can certainly up the priority, but otherwise be patient ^ ^ 
Please understand that I also must abide by Nordanner and my Tokota Tribe's rules and because I have so many I will need to do references and such in between commissions!
:iconterra-bites: - Spring into summer barrel racing entry - sketch, shading, and bg - sketch sent
:iconbriertokoaccount: - hunting picture with Ranger, Kai, and their tokota - sketch and lining PIXEL - Lines sent
1. 10-15 kaaring points of 578 TBS Gisele - 7 done
:iconbellatorlupus: - Blue and Purple YCHs - Not started
:iconqanikk: - Indigo flatcolor Bobblehead - Not Started 

Stable/Kennel/Cattery/Tokota Character Directory
The Animals of CSS .directory.:bulletred: TOKOTAS :bulletred:
:bulletpink: Nalani 594 :bulletpink:

:bulletblue: 622 Axel :bulletblue:

:bulletpink: 1092 Talon :bulletpink:

:bulletblue: Damon 1363 :bulletblue:

[Bullet; Blue] Renegade [Bullet; Blue]

[Bullet; Blue] Mako 1612 [Bullet; Blue]
Mako 1612 by TotemSpiritMako 1612 Tracking Journal by galianogangster
[Bullet; Blue] Chocolate Mousse [Bullet; Blue]
Chocolate Mousse 1979 by TotemSpirit PENDING SALE
[Bullet; Pink] Feather [Bullet; Pink]
Feather 1980 by TotemSpiritFeather 1980 Tracking Journal by galianogangster
[Bullet; Blue] Gabriel [Bullet; Blue]
Submissive Gabriel by galianogangster
[Bullet; Blue] Belacqua :bulletb

My wishlist
GG's Holiday Wishlist 2014!Please disregard all dates on my journals, I recycle them so they're usually not correct :nod:
It is amazingly getting closer and closer to the holidays, and I thought I should put up my wishlist so I can be surprised by those of you who have inquired about what I want X3
If you want to ship something to me without me knowing, you can ask :iconangel-jolie: for my address (yep, you're my guinea pig <3)
For the broke, I'd adore any art of the following (in order from most wanted to least but still very wanted X3)
1. Nikki with or without Angel (see taxidermy Angel the Arctic Marble for reference)
Angel and Nikki are built about the same and they are about the same size. Again, cute coupley stuff is encouraged :3
Any of my Tokos ( Nalani, Damon, Renegade, Talon, Axel ):


Cold Weather Coco by galianogangster Hello, I'm PJ by galianogangster
--- Becca --- 18 --- going to marry :iconangel-jolie: someday---
Lesbian Christian Stamp by chubby-choco Opinion respecting - stamp by Angi-Shy
Brittana Stamp by Rinachur Alice x Claire Stamp by Sharonliv-Arzets Castle: Caskett Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwler
Korrasami - stamp by Lilly225G'sA - Callie Arizona 2 by patronustamps Skins - Naomi X Emily Stamp by Immortalmirror
Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow 2 by kwiku001 Clexa stamp by emilkun OITNB Stamp by Gshep
I Love Capo Canes STAMP by URs4NiN3Z Capo Cane Breeding License by galianogangster Certified Capo Cane D'Italia Breeder STAMP by URs4NiN3Z
:thumb313191005: Umbria Bull Hound Stamp by iJemz Avie Lover Stamp by EtherealDragunKennel
Coyote Song Stables' Rifle Dog License by galianogangster Rifle dog stamp by Kique7
Great Dane Love Stamp by cloudrat I love German Shepherd Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist Cavalier King Charles Stamp by cloudrat
I love Shetland Sheepdogs by WishmasterAlchemist Bull Terrier Love Stamp by cloudrat Cocker Spaniel Love Stamp by cloudrat
I love Afghan Hounds by WishmasterAlchemist I love Borzoi by WishmasterAlchemist I love Salukis by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Dogos Argentinos by WishmasterAlchemist I love Neapolitan Mastiffs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Rats by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Kooikerhondje by WishmasterAlchemist Coyotes are Cooler than Wolves by Lupen202 I love Standard Poodles by WishmasterAlchemist
Stamp: I Luv Bats by WingedSonar Deers. by Monster-Boar I love Ocelots by WishmasterAlchemist
Bunnies by corda-stampsPack Leader Stamp by MorganLeslee Welsh Springer Stamp by LeiliaClay
KK Slider Stamp by Bex-Bongiovi Chief Stamp by SacredHearte Animal Crossing - Addict by onnawufei
Sheila stamp by Carolzilla Spy Fox Stamp by Nala15 The Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJ
Made in the '90s by Mr-Stamp You're* by FragileButts Furry Does Not Equal Yiff by LightLoveAngel
I support NOT being an asshole by Featherologist Soft Mounts Aren't Toys by Lupen202 PETA - Do you know? by Lupen202
:thumb191913418: Ice Flight Stamp by Tytoquetra Vaporeon Stamp by Porygon-Z

~Commission~ Nakomii by BijouRayne ::Commission:: TheGentlemansTea by BijouRayne
::Commission:: TheGentlemansTea by BijouRayne ::Commission:: TheGentlemansTea by BijouRayne
::Commission:: Nakomii by BijouRayne ::Commission:: Nakomii by BijouRayne

Features for Friends

Robin Williams, forever my Patch Adams by angel-jolie Jack Nicholson by angel-jolie
Part of the Team - Va'Jiir by Nakomii Paarthurnax by Nakomii
Commission: Get Hyper by swagstag Ladies And Gentlemen [with story] by swagstag
:thumb321175886: :thumb345339770:
I CAN'T HALP IT. by ShiaWolfe The Second Glance by ShiaWolfe
Gute Nacht~ by CaptainCorrosive Hey, remember that T I M E ? by CaptainCorrosive


Stuff For Me!

becc@ collage by itslindsayyy PC: little nikki by nicetints

Current Fursona Nikki Galiano Ref by galianogangster and Lacey Ref. by galianogangster
Save this love by Mahlattu Let's go... by Mahlattu
Make a Wish by Nakomii Want Play? by Marina-Okami
Commission galianogangster. by Canisabscedo HUGE christmas gift set number 1 by Esaki
We're Hot n Cold by SpytDragonFyre
Crossfire by HalfandHalf-Kaneki Nikki Werewolf Girly by Esaki
Galianogangster ~ Nikki :Request: by CottinFurr COMM: Nikki by MagicallyCapricious
winter stroll by Foxbat-Sullavin Secret Santa by Lys-Antigone
+Cheers to that+ trade by The-Gypsy-Lynx SURPRISE RANDOM GIFT by The-Gypsy-Lynx
Chill out man by PudgyCat Galianogasngter Commission by KingDirty
Commission: Nikki by BandoleraRoja Trade: Galianogangster by MagicallyCapricious
Arttrade:GalianoGangster by OhLookaBear Nikki and Gypsy by starwolf303
Lacey Point Commission by Vovix AT 6 by PersianButterfly
commissions 4 galianogangster by DikkeBobby marry you by EnchantedTopaz
Nikki and Lacey - oops ... by SakuraWolfKunoichi bite ur ear by thirihtthewolf
You are my forever by The-Gypsy-Lynx Nikki and Lacey - Commission by Canisabscedo
Request galianogangster by Bacon-Paws Nikki Point Commission by Trenn-la
galianogangster commission by KeksWolf
You've lost, my friend. by SaidyWolf Lacey: Art Trade by CottinFurr
Nikki and Nikki by kitkatdalegend
:thumb166000330: Dont Trust A Hoe- Nikki :AT: by KyoushiraTheReal
nikki trade by The-Gypsy-Lynx a gift for Galiano by The-Gypsy-Lynx
Nikki - Contest Entry by SilverKaiKen Cheer Up Emo Kid by Tawadi
gift for galianogangster by The-Gypsy-Lynx gift for meh chica by The-Gypsy-Lynx
Galianogangster Commish by Lil-Pup789 20pts Comish: galianogangster by tatiilange
AT: Galianogangster by Phantasi3 Why don't we run away by wildcookie13
Plushie Love by DemonicSubstance If Only You Knew by PersianButterfly
galianogangster contest entry by NightShadowolf Point commission for galianogangster by Lunelva
:thumb267713482: To Galianogangster by WilliamNakki
Nikki by E-Moe-Wolf Nikki and Lacey by Valhelos
Nikki sketch by AimaLynka AT: New Religion by DemonicSubstance
So Fierce AT by CottinFurr Watcher Love 2 by EnchantedTopaz
Nikki by painted-flamingo why by kitiq
Nikki snarling by AimaLynka PC: Galianogangster by 84More
Nikki Art Trade by Raven-Bones Trade by Kiara19
nikki sketch request by DingoMutt :thumb312539622:
me and my pals by Mewgon1 Nikki Chibi by Nakomii
:thumb315586178: GG: Birthday Gift by Attack-Fox
BECAUSE. by Nakomii
Our own Little Heaven - RQ - Galianogangster by MatsiOfErebor
:thumb329821410: commission for galianoggangster by candywolf27
:thumb330190019: requests and a firebender by festherius
PC - Nikki by Tarunyada
Galiano Commish 2 by Pahri Still Beauty by AmarnaPyra
C: The Abyss by Ebony0201 :thumb324814090:
:thumb342147820: Request: Spine Forest by SydeBiased
GG PLEASE by Tawadi Three's Company by Crystal-Moore
Ache by KechK Art trade galianogangster by Canisabscedo
Pin Up OC Requests Compilation! by Shauntinasha Nikki by NoktBane
AT by Glirgaraf February Requests Batch 1 by Scorchyz
~Calling~ by DemonicileSubstance Niki AT by WolfRuns29
Nikki by Reyna-Love :thumb388317084:
AT - galianogangster by Satoga
:thumb398651091: . Try me . -COM by Kasamm
:CO: NightsGem 2/5 by BijouRayne PC: Breeze by MarieRock
Dem Girls by starwolf303 nikki galiano by sioSIN
Secret Santa by CalamityWolfeh
Secret Santa: Galianogangster by xRubyCayx [secret santa] :.If these wings could fly:. by ImagineCorgis
Requests 2 by Satoga CC_galiano by axiabetty
.:Awakening:. ATC by Napoisk Nikki Galiano by Napoisk
GalianoGangster by MoonlightLyanti Color Over The Hillside by Corgi-Crazed
Trade for Galianogangster by YourAverageWerewolf Art for GalianoGangster by YourAverageWerewolf
like family by Nakomii Glitch by wolffoxin
Carry You Home by DemonicSubstance Watchin Me Lead Myself - AT with GG by Esaki
Request 2 by AimaLynka :thumb300642827:
Commission galianogangster by Canisabscedo Zak - Point Commission by PeachesOfWar
:thumb216099546: CE, Coba the Pine Marten by RicoShae
AT9 second half by PersianButterfly AT9 first half by PersianButterfly
Contest Entry Taylor by MellieNeko Enter Mushy Title Here AT8 by PersianButterfly
Reviving Forest Spirits -Entry by PoonieFox
:thumb210359688: :thumb206050411:
Commission: Snow Angel by Naia-Art :thumb200569030:
We Are One by Mirgy FCF: I GOT 'ER by RedEarthStables
Run away from the nightmare by YokoBaru :thumb216325827:
:thumb216514831: Taylor and Gambit by Pivvot
:thumb216717895: Arctic Fox Figurine Painted by Nanarc
Inside It All Feels The Same by Pivvot
Playing in the sunset by MP-SNAPPER :thumb239825459:
Moon by WolfRoad
Light My Way CE by RicoShae :thumb244434741:
Gambit and Taylor by Shockley23 Teamwork -   GalianoGangster by FoxxyTheAnarchist
Gambit and Taylor by Nanabuns
contest picture by pack4ever8 The Hunt by s1088
Galianogangster - Zak by s1088 :PC: Zak by tabtiff
galianogangster's Contest by wolfforce58 Taylor for GalianoGangster by ZackLoup
C: Takes Two to Tango by DemonicSubstance Galianogangster by HeartlessArt
Zak by PersianButterfly 3 foxes by Arkarti
Tonkin by s1088 :thumb269902738:
Artic Tay Tay by MudstarMord-Sith
Breaking Through by MudstarMord-Sith taylor by Birdlyness
:thumb294876885: GG - Taylor by J4-Coltrain
Zak trade by Gutter-Mutt
AT: GalianoGangster by DemonicSubstance Contest Entry ::Storytime:: by legally-psychotic
TAG! by PersianButterfly End of Dreams Contest Entry by MatsiOfErebor
Taylor the fox by Arckit Rest in the Calm :Cough Syrup-Glee Cast: by Ze-Ze
When They come For Me - Contest Entry - updated by MatsiOfErebor In the Same Candle Light by E-Moe-Wolf
Once more into the fray... by DemonfromAbove1
Requests batch by SilverPocky Zak icon by Valhelos
:thumb314574670: We be classical by NightsGem
Cambridge .::AT::. by Shockley23 Contest entry :Three moons: by wolven13
Commission For GalianoGangster by HeartlessArt :thumb318141102:
:thumb321498449: PC: Galianogangster by Windicious
GalianoGangsterTrade by Hyorturhund :thumb323356419:
Coyote Chibis :PC: by SpiritInSpace S u r r e n d e r ~ contest entry by AgentWhiteHawk
No, I won't say I'm in love by Valhelos Two dimonds in the snow, Taylor comission by OwlDeerForest

More Stuff For Me!


Adopt 1 - Closed. by Aranel-Elensar Arro (Contest) by MistressAru
galianogangster contest by 4felixx Contest Entry by Nakomii
:thumb323407768: Arro Contest by WarriorBlackWolf
CE: GalianoGangster by Aranel-Elensar Contest entry-Like My Sweet Ride? by duraluminwolf
Contest Entry: Arro by sierra-of-da-mist Can't touch dis'! (contest entry) by diishonored
Contest entry Draw Arro by EmoFox721
Mafia hound Char sketches by Nakomii
Scarlett for GalianoGangster by MatsiOfErebor
P: Game Over by DemonicSubstance
Mafia Hounds ASSEMBLE! by Esaki Join.Me Requests by Nakomii
Sketchysketches by Gutter-Mutt
Rook X Leah by Mojo-Stables-Kennels The Gang by Parbuckles
:thumb334577177: Inside Playtime by Purple-Hippie
Mafia Hound for GalianoGangster by xKhamsinStables :thumb339263289:
PC: Finn Animation by tabtiff Scarlett reference commission by Nakomii
AT: Scarlett by yoidore-tenshi
:thumb341537041: Zephyr by EncounterEthereal
:thumb341941764: Relax in the Zephyr by Fenris-Gin
Leah by RedRumRebel Sienna Badge by Fenris-Gin
Commission point for galianogangster by Canisabscedo Clairice for galianogangster by AliyaBloodHeart
Zephyr by WolfRuns29 :thumb344990992:
Zephyr by ShiaWolfe Cleo by RedRumRebel
Litter sisters by Mojo-Stables-Kennels Proper Temperature by starwolf303
FREE COMMISSION FOR: galianogangster by UneUne Scarlett by NyxTheBrazaar
Dog request batch 1 by painted-flamingo Zephyr by Aki-the-wolf
Dobe Mix for galianogangster by Canidae-Mayhem The Family by BVS-Isle
two hunters by DingoMutt
:thumb371650357: :thumb382901264:
Galianogangster Sketch Commission by KingDirty Early Christmas Gift for Galianogangster by lighteningfox
We're Sitting on a Ruin by CaptainCorrosive
C A T I A, S A R F A T I, T A L A H, & R A I N E
Catia Badge by galianogangster and Sarfati Reference by galianogangster
PointCom: galianogangster by AnastasiyaVB Catia by winterlest
Fly away by pugofpower Comish:Catia by NarcisFetalCannibal
Catia Bust - CM - GalianoGangster by MatsiOfErebor Catia Headshot by Pan-Demic-ART
Request- galianogangster by AtomicIceCream Commission For Galianogangster! by HeartlessArt
Winter Sunset by Abrandnewcol0ny Sarfati by Shockley23
Talah Request by Afternoon-AppleCider Lion face by AnastasiyaVB
Sarfati Icon For galianogangster by Wolfie-Undead
Catia Commission by Justt-K Catia Com by AliyaBloodHeart
The Pariah by InkBlink Y O U  A R E  B E I N G  W A T C H E D ~commission by AgentWhiteHawk
AT: Catia Badge by Domisea Catia by celinaclraw
CatiaCommission~ by luyfsa Art trade: Catia + video by Szczurzyslawa
Galiano Commission 1 by Pahri Gift for galianogangster by AliyaBloodHeart
:thumb338607620: Three's Company by Crystal-Moore
Gift hs_set 1 by CaledonCat AT - Sarfati by Bubocroc
Sarfati by Taunii

Transactions Log

***Thank you so much to everyone who bought stuff, the money as been raised to pay for the puppy! :la:
Beautiful Baby Boy by galianogangster
We're getting another working line German Shepherd and need to raise the funds to pay for him! If you'd like to help, I have taxidermy/pelts/etc, stuffed animals (Webkinz with codes), $ commissions available for purchase! Every dollar counts! Please see the widget above for the corresponding journals! Thank you!

If you wish to donate our paypal is and make the subject: For Puppy so I can keep track! Thank you so much, nuggets! <3


$100 from Uncle Ken
$50 from Grandparents
$16 from Tyson for GSD pup designs
$470 from Frankenfox for Clopin
$10 from passerncaitlin for mouse pelt
$10 from coyotesoot for swift fox tail
$2 from MapleWolff for wolf claw
$360 from Pankolion for Fennec
$30 from David for brushing out 19 German Shepherds

Replacing $ for Gibson the fox

GOAL: $500 MET

$400 via graduation money
$100 from David for working

For Angel's Xmas present

GOAL: $225 MET

TOTAL: $201

$22 from Frosted-Starlight for yote headform and eyes
$152 from Sharpe19 for a taxidermy supply lot
$10 from Coeurlregina for headform pictures
$11 for shipping refund
$31 from TheBeautyInAllThings for a small taxidermy forms supply lot
-$70 for supporting Mars in purchasing dragon art doll
$40 from David for working
$20 from David for working
$13 from mom
$10 from projectoblivion for design
$56 from David for working
$50 via graduation money
$40 from OneAndOnlyEpic for coyote cape
-$275 for amber marble pelt
$20 for graduation
$8 from YukiChana for plastic fox earliners
$10 from LupaGreenWolf for Lucy
$10 from SweetPeaFarms for Deer Legs
$8 from WOLF-mysavior for bi-eyes
$152 from Storm561 for springbok and novelty fox eyes
$20 from Angel for Amber fox parts
$37 from RingoClaudandus for fox supplies
-$260 for Coyote soft mount and Black coyote headdress
$15 from RingoClaudandus for fox supplies (carried over from previous)
$21 from Clockworkcrow for frozen rabbit kits and mice
$45 from xnaturefreakx for Frosty the Cal
$120 from David for working
$30 from CaptainSaviathan for lionlop
$20 from mom for bowling
-$110 for red fox package from UrbanSunset
-$215 for 1st bear cub payment
$100 from fair premiums
$60 from WOLF-mysavior for Xerxes payment 1
$24 from WOLF-mysavior for Xerxes payment 2
Second half of Christmas bear cub payment

GOAL: $214 MET

$214 from goldenhayate for the Kit fox mounting set
To refund Pina's Mom

GOAL: $175 MET

$15 from xPaperxDragonfliesx for fox ears and tail
$10 from Eternal-Lyric for lineart payment
$16 from WOLF-mysavior for Xerxes payment 2
$4 from Tyson for design
$86 from goldenhayate for the Kit fox mounting set
$14 from Storm561 for commissions
$20 from Grandpa and Grandma
$7 from points conversion
$3 from points conversion
To buy a 3DS and ACNL for Angel for Christmas

GOAL: $200 MET

$200 from Lfarrell29 for 1st payment on Othello
To get Angel's "Wedding Fox" Mounted

GOAL: $375

TOTAL: $123.20

$15 from Anhurs for a brown toko geno
$10.50 from Corgi-Crazed for linearts
-$15 for Iya
$10 from SweetPeaFarms for Jackal
$4 from Dunkin-Prime for partial Toko Geno payment
-$25 for full litter slot to Odette
$200 from Lfarrell29 for last payment on Othello
$20 for chores
-$15 for Goose
$10 for chores
$20 for Fredley
-$10 for Gray
$35 from Antleraptor for boar skull payment 1
$17 from applecinna for a brown geno
$15 from TheBattleWeiner for mako x miko geno
-$250 for poseable sunglow mount
$35 from Antleraptor for boar skull payment 1
-$20 for dire slot
$65.70 from rummage sale


galianogangster's Profile Picture
Becca Petersen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm always up to talk about anything, so drop me a comment if you want to have a conversation X3

Pezberry, Brittana, and Faberry on Glee, Clairice in the Resident Evil movies (and I suppose Jill in there, too), Naomily on Skins, Doccubus from Lost Girl, Emaya and Paily on Pretty Little Liars, Bechloe in Pitch Perfect, Caskett from Castle, Calzona from Grey's Anatomy, Vauseman on OITNB, Cophine from Orphan Black, Malora from Maleficent, Korrasami from Legend of Korra, Clexa from The 100, and Palex from Degrassi X3

Current Residence: The land of Cheese and Bi-polar weather (Wisconsin)
Hello there, nuggets. I tried designing my handsome new tokota boy, but I'm not sure it's exactly what I I'll give you guys a chance! 

Here's my design for him: Possible Greying Brown Male Geno Design by galianogangster I think it's mostly the bearmarks I'm not sure about...
Here are designs that I like if that helps:…
I'll give you 80 :points: or a baby!cm if I like your design :3 Here's what those look like:…

Here's his info:
Anernerk 969 by TotemSpirit X Ghostface 2481 by TotemSpirit
2 Male, natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Graying marked brown with pangare, bearmarks and accents

  • Listening to: My "Let's Fuck Shit Up" playlist
  • Reading: Clexa Fanfic
  • Watching: The 100
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Which of our Marble foxes is your favorite? 

15 deviants said Gibson Dr. Jekyl by galianogangster Cute Couple by galianogangster
13 deviants said Taylor .:Innocent:. by galianogangster .:Flashy Fox:. by galianogangster
9 deviants said Keena Many Marbles Modeling in March by galianogangster Keenakins by galianogangster
6 deviants said Angel My Little Angel by galianogangster All I Heard Was Nothing by galianogangster
5 deviants said Basil Basil the Cutie by galianogangster Summer Sunglow by galianogangster
3 deviants said Clopin Clopin Re-paint by Nakomii
No deviants said Cash Cashella (Cash) the Amber Arctic Marble by angel-jolie


Eternal-Lyric Swedish Vallhund lineart CM by galianogangster
ariasenchantedlunacy Bull Terrier Lines CM by galianogangster
NightAngelKennels Capo Lines CM by galianogangster
A custom lineart of anything you'd like.  Extra fur/tail/ear options are +10 per add-on. Free male/female options. These will be for your use only and not open to the public unless you allow them to be. I can do soft, hard, or pixel lines.
Tokota Geno Design
Examples of my work can be found when you DA search "galianogangster tokota" I have designed every import sheet except for Mako, Tarnook, and Makism. I will also consider HP offers as payment; note me for details!
Baby!Cms or Bobblheads
Baby Fen CM by galianogangster
Baby Mishka CM by galianogangster
0019 Bento by galianogangster
Indigo Bobblehead CM  by galianogangster
Baby or Bobblehead versions of your character. Send me a link to your character and note any expression you'd like. Can add other small items (teddy bears and such) for +30 :points:
Custom Hybrid Designs
Design Prize for Mimmiley by galianogangster
Bijorn The Big Beast CM by galianogangster
Amberlini's Hybrid CM by galianogangster
Cheetah X Coyoe CM by galianogangster
More expensive because custom lines are needed. Describe in detail what animals you'd like crossed, preferred color schemes, features, etc
Custom Unnatural Animal Designs
Aravian Prize Design by galianogangster
Kadinskies Character Design CM by galianogangster
Soullessaddicti0n Entry SOLD by galianogangster
111wolflover Contest Entry FOR SALE by galianogangster
Again, be specific in what You'd like. Custom attire is an additional 20 :points:
Custom Natural Animal Design
Horse Adoptables 4.0 OPEN by galianogangster
MeadeBurd Trade by galianogangster
Mutt Madness Round One TWO LEFT by galianogangster
I can do horses, foxes, domestic dogs, wolves, domestic cats, wild cats, african wild dogs, etc. Just be specific in what you'd like :)


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